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Keep moving.
Automate your fleet and orders.

Reduce delivery times to customers, streamline fleet costs, track driver performance and compliance, generate reports & track emissions 🌱

100,000+ Orders

10M+ Data points

Products, Web application, Mobile apps, Telematics Devices
Brands that keep moving with us


Our Logistics Management solution allows you to receive and manage delivery requests from customers.


Our Fleet Management solution was built to allows small and large fleets to streamline vehicle maintenance and safety


Create intelligence from your fleet. Learn about market trends and adapt as fast as possible.

Complete control at your fingertips

Focus on customers and service delivery

Simplify order delivery by 10x

Dispatch360 allows you to receive and automatically dispatch orders to customers with little or no human intervention

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Driver Auto Assignment

Plugins and open api

Driver’s App

Get ratings from customers

Customer Notifications

We power business across industries

As part of our vision we understand that Logistics is universal.

Companies in many forms use our solution to drive exponential savings and bring their operations to the 21st Century

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Postal Services

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Last Mile


Agri Transport

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Oil and Gas

APIs built for every logistics use-case

Dispatch360 allows you to receive and automatically dispatch orders to customers with little or no human intervention

Estimate API

Request API

Many more*

Powering companies worldwide to keep moving
  • What are the features?
    Dispatch360 Automatic Batching Routing: Dispatch360 incorporates intelligent algorithms to automatically batch and optimize delivery routes, reducing delivery times and fuel costs while improving overall productivity. Vehicle Load Balancing (In Roadmap): Our upcoming feature will enable dynamic load balancing, ensuring that each vehicle is optimally utilized, minimizing empty trips, and maximizing delivery capacity. Notifications: Stay informed in real-time with automatic notifications, keeping you and your drivers updated about order status, route changes, and other essential updates. API Integrations: Integrate Dispatch360 seamlessly with your existing systems and applications, enabling smooth data flow and enhancing overall logistics efficiency. Driver App: Our user-friendly driver app empowers your delivery personnel with all the necessary tools, allowing them to access optimized routes, receive delivery instructions, and capture proof of delivery on-the-go. Proof of Delivery Integration: Dispatch360 integrates with proof of delivery systems, providing a secure and reliable method to capture delivery confirmations, signatures, and related documentation. Fleet360: Vehicle Management: fleet360 provides a centralized system to track and manage all aspects of your vehicles, including real-time location, maintenance history, and driver information. Expense Management: Stay in control of your fleet's expenses with our intuitive expense tracking tools, allowing you to monitor fuel costs, repairs, and other operational expenditures effortlessly. Issue and Servicing Tracking: With fleet360, you can promptly address vehicle issues and schedule timely servicing, ensuring that your fleet is always in top-notch condition. Fuel Tracking: Keep a close eye on fuel consumption and optimize fuel usage to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. Mileage Tracking: Accurate mileage tracking helps you better plan routes, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance with regulations. Reporting: fleet360 offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your fleet's performance, expenses, and emissions data. Emissions Reporting: Our platform emphasizes sustainability, providing you with the tools to measure and report emissions, making it easier to adhere to environmental regulations and reduce your carbon footprint. Maintenance Reminders: Stay proactive in maintaining your vehicles with our automated maintenance reminders, preventing costly breakdowns and prolonging the life of your fleet. Telematics: Our platform intelligently integrates with several manufacturers to provide you with a wide range of remote sensor devices. Including Location tracking, fuel sensing, remote diagnostics, geofencing, etc.
  • What is Dispatch360?
    Dispatch360 is an advanced dispatch and logistics management solution, offering a suite of powerful tools to streamline and optimize your delivery operations. Our platform is designed to simplify complex logistics challenges, enhancing efficiency, and providing seamless coordination for your entire delivery ecosystem.
  • What is Swoove360?
    Swoove360 is a platform that enables you to manage your orders and your fleet to help you automate the delivery process and track vehicle costs, emissions, certificates, licenses, etc.
  • What is Fleet360?
    Fleet360 is a comprehensive fleet management solution designed to streamline and optimize the operations of your vehicle fleet. Our platform offers a wide range of features that enable businesses to efficiently manage their fleet, control expenses, and uphold a commitment to sustainability.
  • What is your pricing?
    At Swoove360, we offer a variety of pricing plans based on your specific needs. We generally employ a software as a service subscription model. For Dispatch360: Pricing is done per order, and we give custom bundles based on your volume. contact us to get a clear quote. Fleet360: Pricing is done per vehicle, contact us to get a price quote based on your organisation.
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